The Agricultural Bill & why it matters
The Ag Bill is a set of laws currently making its way through parliament, which will shape our farming policy
The Wunder of Turmeric
Founded by Zoe Lind Van’T Hof and Tom Smale in 2014, Wunder Workshop's single-origin turmeric, invigorating tea blends, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, ginger and coconuts are sourced directly from small …
Sailing on the winds of change: at sea with the New Dawn Traders
The New Dawn Traders bring precious cargo from Europe and the Carribean that we don’t produce here in the UK, such as olive oil, almonds, cocoa and coffee. Sailing on …
Diary of a Flourishing Farmer
Lulu Cox went from the kitchen of Rochelle Canteen to the fields of Flourish Produce where she’s been volunteering during lockdown. She’s generously shared her diary for a week with …
Living drinks for living soil: the story of Old Tree Brewery
On the 2020 International Day of Biodiversity, we’re bringing you the story of Tom Daniell, producer of kombucha and compost, and founder of Old Tree Brewery – part of the …
Cornish brill, asparagus & butter sauce by Ethan Friskney-Adams
The first of our Farmhouse Cookery Journals comes from chef Ethan Friskney-Adams, of Fitzroy in Fowey, Cornwall, and pop-up Grale Frit.
Connecting with Farmers for Food
Catherine St Germans tells the story of how a group of people came together to create a database of Farms To Feed Us.